Ian Howorth - Arcadia (2019)

Ian Howorth - Arcadia (2019)

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Arcadia has been referred to in popular culture as a utopian vision for centuries. A fictional place that is fertile and bountiful. A promised land of milk and honey. Held aloft by artists, poets, and playwrights as a depiction of one’s individual paradise. Now eroded by times' relentless indifference to change, it remains lodged in our collective psyche as a touchstone.

In, his first monograph, Ian Howorth looks to use this existing cultural framework to explore his personal connections to his own utopian ideal of ‘home’. Having relocated many times as a child before finally settling in Britain, his relationship with this concept has been fraught. Often considering himself an outsider

Title: Arcadia

Publisher: Setanta Books
Publication Date: 2019
Binding: Hardcover 
Book Condition: Excellent
Dust Jacket Condition: N/A
Edition: 1st Edition
Edition Run: 600
Size:  30 x 22 cm 
Pages: 114